Sônia Gomes, SE™ Professional Training Faculty of SETI  - Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute.


She has accumulated more than 35 years of work in the field of Clinical Psychology/Body Orientation and has a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She has additional degrees in Structural Rolfing® also Rolfing Movement Teaching and devotee student of Hubert Godard, Movement Analisys from French.


Sonia is an SE International Senior Faculty Member teaching the SE™ Professional Training in Brazil, Europe, the US, South Africa, and Asia. She has designed and currently teaches training programs that are complementary to the SE training.

This program involves understanding the functional dynamics of the Perceptive System which includes the haptic activity in order to identifying the body and emotional defenses in the traumatized people. Ultimately, she helps clients by using the SE™ base principles, to find an outlet by Touch and Movement to their blockages in the body, mind and brain.


Her alumni confirm the excellent mastery of SE and body therapies that Dr. Gomes teaches in demonstrations and personal sessions.


Dr. Gomes adopts a multidimensional system, an integrating approach in her teaching  and intuitive clinical practice. She is committed to SE therapy to relieve the suffering resulting from the trauma, and as a means to enhance personal development.

Sônia Gomes

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